Global Food Regulations

Ketki’s International is committed to provide growth and solutions to Food industry in India and Overseas. It mainly focuses on growing need and demand to address the regulatory compliance needs of the food industry.

Ketki’s International can assist in resolving issues with regulators, technical compliance & provide risk assessment and management advice for Food companies. It provides expertise in food marketing & labeling laws, product development, the Food Standards Code, and Consumer Act.

Our Strategic Services

We are retained to provide strategic policy research and information services for food companies, law firms and government agencies.
We together with experts accessed through its allied networks, can provide the following professional strategic services:

We advise organisations of all types and sizes including some of India's most well-known food companies, government agencies, industry bodies and food importers. We have expertise to provide specialist multidisciplinary services for clients with food-oriented legal compliance issues, commercial issues or policy issues.