About Ketki Mehta

Ketki’s global perspective has given her a unique vantage point from which to understand international food industry problems and work toward universally progressive solutions. She believes that safe, wholesome food and a healthy environment should be foundational goals of every society, and law and policy will play an increasingly important role in the future well-being of our food supply.

Ketki brings wide-ranging knowledge of all aspects of the food industry, from the microbiology of safe food preservation to the exploration of new food markets to legal compliance issues within international trade. She studied food technology in college and began her career developing shelf-stable products and conducting quality analysis for major manufacturers in India. The product development aspect of her work led her to gain expertise in exporting food items overseas. That grew into a position as Executive Head of Exports at Haldiram Foods, in which she identified new international markets and expanded the business from 2 countries into over 40 countries. Being exposed to the diverse legal requirements of different nations made her interested in practicing food law. She pursued her Bachelor of Law from India and completed her Master of Laws in Food and Agriculture Law from Vermont Law School, USA. During her Masters program she interned with Texas State Department of Health Services in Food safety and consumer protection division.

The broad scope of her knowledge has allowed her to become a leader in the food industry through her own consulting company, Ketki International (KI) established in 2012 .She saw a need to help start-up food businesses meet the standards required for international regulatory compliance. Since many are still largely unaware of global industry trends, she established KI with the objective to educate small- and medium-sized firms on food regulations in order to create products that can be accepted in the international marketplace. After six years in practice, she has successfully served over 35 plus domestic and international clients in developing safe products, resolving issues with international regulators, meeting the requirements of the Food Standards Code and Consumer Act, and complying with labeling laws. She has interacted with food industry leaders, including those in regulatory entities such as The Food And Drug Administration (USA) and various other international Health authorities.

Ketki is a Lead Instructor for Food Safety Preventive Control (FSPCA) and Foreign Suppliers Verification Programs (FSVP). She has undergone various other FDA trainings such as compliance on food labels, trackback investigation, State audits and food recalls.