Label Compliances

Food labeling

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have established certain guidelines on label compliance for food, drug, and cosmetics. The guidelines provide panel wise standards in terms of placing various declarations.

We provide detailed review of label analysis and assist c in perfecting labels as per the FDA guidelines. We do panel - wise analysis for a specific declaration that must be made in a very specific location on a food label. As most of this declaration have minimum type size requirements which may vary with the size of the container, we ensure they comply with the standards.

Following parameters are reviewed for a particular label

1) The standard of Identity: We develop a correct standard of identity for a particular product in its most common or usual name by definition, which is understood by a common consumer.

2) Metrology: Following correct parameters for weights and measurements as per FDA guidelines.

3) Ingredients Analysis: We analyze ingredients with the format of declaring ingredients, permitted color declaration with code, and permitted additives/ flavors with codes and functions.

4) Allergens: Identifying allergens in products and declaring it in a correct format.

5) Nutritional label – Detailed guidelines on Nutrition facts format that involves relevant formats, serving size, calculations, proper references of RDI and DV and correct rounding off rules. Nutrition Facts panels vary in their mandatory size, information, and orientation requirements based on package size and a number of nutrients present.

6) Claims: Analyzing labels and statements, which claim of its nutritional, medical and health benefits. FDA have policies on declaring such claims. There are certain approved claims by FDA and certain outside the scope that could be misleading unless properly evaluated and verified. Nutrient claims such as “Sugar-Free”, “Low Fat”, and “Reduced Calorie”, are only allowed under certain circumstances. I perform a risk assessment for declaring such claims and advise our clients accordingly.